Baby Breeza Steri-Dry Sterilizer

Alder has finally been sleeping longer stretches at night, yay! This means that my boobs get pretty full by the time I feed him early morning. According to my lactation consultant anything after six hours means you need to pump to keep your milk supply up. I had no idea! She also suggested giving Alder a little top up bottle right before he goes to bed as well.  Now every night before bed I have been pumping. Which I find kind of a pain having to wash all the parts and then sterilize them. I use to sterilize them in a boiling pot, which I would sometimes forget about. I would always splash myself with hot water, and it just took forever for the parts to dry.

Enter the Baby Brezza Steri-Dry Sterilizer. Definitely a baby item I wasn't excepting to need or love so much!

Baby Breeza Steri-Dry Sterilizer

This awesome little machine not only sterilizes all of my breast pump & bottle parts, it also dries them! You just pour a little bit of distilled water into the bottom try, then pick your cycle. It kills the germs in 8 seconds, and then you can pick a 30, 45, or 60 minute dry cycle. It's super quiet, and I can just leave it and go about my day. It beeps when it's all done. 

Baby Breeza Steri-Dry Steam Sterilizer

The only issue I really have with it is trying to fit all the parts inside and making sure the lid is closed properly. I think you just have to really find a system that works for you and what you are sterilizing. 

Baby Breeza Steri-Dry Sterilizer

It's super easy to use and set up, with a pretty basic control panel. It's a 4-1 machine, as it can sterilize only, dry and sterilize, dry only and it can be used as a storage system. 

Baby Breeza also has a bottle warmer with Bluetooth, which I think would be super awesome and convenient. That's what I really love about all the Baby Brezza products is how they make your life as a parent so much easier. We are just starting on solid foods with Alder, so I definitely have my eye on their One Step Baby Food Maker. 

The Baby Brezza Steri-Dry Sterilizer is available online and in stores at Babies "R" Us. Have you tried any of the Baby Brezza products? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know!

Hope you are having a lovely week so far!

<3 Kastles