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It's time for another Toddler and Baby Book Review. We love testing out new children's books for you, and sharing our love for reading. We've been reading to our kids since they were tiny babies, and they both love to pick up books and read. Also since it's Holiday season, any of these would make great gift ideas. Books are always a winner! 

The ThinkTouchLearn series of books has been a fan favourite in our house. They do such a great job of teaching children topics like colors, numbers, shapes, etc. This 1 2 3 book is the latest in their collection and we adore how big it is. The bright colors and contrast are great as usual for engaging the little reader in. This book features die-cut numbers and shapes which help to teach the kids their numbers. The numbers eventually create an animal which is a great feature. It's amazing for introducing Alder to numbers but is also great for Emery's age for number recognition. They both love tracing the shapes with their fingers. 

But First We Nap Book

I have always been about finding sleep related books for my kids. They aren't the greatest sleepers so anything to help get the idea of sleeping into their heads is a win for me. 

The Sloth just wants to sleep but Rabbit wants to play. Rabbit tries everything to wake up the Sloth, and by the time he finally wakes up Rabbit is too tired to sleep. They both end up having a nap. Alder loves this book, and calls it the Boom Boom book since Rabbit uses loud noises to try and wake up Sloth. I usually read this fun little book before nap time. The illustrations in this book are also cheerful and cute!

Toddler and Baby Book Review

This has got to be one of the coolest, creative and interactive book we have read in awhile. It's fall time, and the apples need to be picked for Mama's apple pie. The apples are tricky to get to, so the Bunny tries to think of some creative ideas to get the apples down. There is a red ribbon which the reader uses to help Bunny pick those apples. It's a fun book for reading together and solo. I love watching Emery use the red ribbon while she reads it.  

Toddler and Baby Book Review

Toddler and Baby Book Review

I'm always finding new and cool to me books at HomeSense, and this was one of them. It's a great educational book for Emery and Alder. It's filled with different facts about the animals and where they live. It features over 30 flaps, which let's be honest always keeps the kids entertained, haha. The more flaps, the better! It's a great introduction to some different animals for Alder, and also great for Emery to learn some new information on the animals. 

Toddler and Baby Book Review

Toddler and Baby Book Review

Juno Valentine Book

I have been following Eva Chen and her career for quite some time now, back to the days when she worked at Lucky Magazine. Her children and mine are similar in age, and I love following along her journey into Motherhood and being an awesome, hustling, multi-talented business woman. She's incredibly relatable and honest. It was a no brainer to snag her book up as soon as it came out. 

The main character is Juno, who is based on Eva's daughter, Ren.  Juno looses her shoes before school time and falls into her closet while looking for them. It takes you on a magical journey to a closet filled with inspiring, strong, independent, smart women from over the centuries shoes. Juno tries on all the different shoes while looking for her own. Juno has so much fun learning about all the different women and trying on their shoes, but in the end she realizes that her shoes are perfect for her.  The illustrations are so magical and fun, and play a great nod to Eva's life.

Emery loved it, especially since she is so obsessed with her Elsa slippers and trampling around in my shoes. She loved learning about all the different women in the book and kept asking me to tell her about them over and over again.

Claris book

This book is absolutely beautiful! The illustrations are amazing, so detailed oriented and fashion forward! It's the story of a darling mouse named Claris who moves to Paris. She not only has the most chic style but also has the kindest heart. Despite being enemies, she helps out a Cat in trouble, and they become the best of friends. I love the nods to all the different fashion designers and how the story of Claris is about more then just being stylish. Emery is obsessed with dressing up, so she loves picking out which outfit of Claris's is her favourite. 

Dinosaurs Board Book

I am trying to expand Emery's collection of books with a wider variety of topics and types. She tends to have a lot more girlie books and I was excited for her to add this one to her library. 

This book has pull tabs, flaps and other fun moving parts that shows the awesome history of dinosaurs. It's full of cool illustrations and amazing facts, and is a great introduction to the world of dinosaurs. Emery's favourite section is about all the different underwater dinosaurs. Alder also loves having this book read to him but isn't so patient to wait for all the facts, haha! I keep it up on the shelf so he can't grab it because we all know he would probably rip all the tabs and flaps.

There are a ton of other books in the Ultimate Spotlight Collection, and I think this construction one might be the next one we need to add. 

Toddler and Baby Book Review

This book is beautiful in more then one way. The illustrations are gorgeous and I love all the little details but the story of this book is also gorgeous. It teaches us to be grateful for all the little things in life. It's a great lesson for the kids and for us to look at every day with gratitude in our hearts. 

What are your current favourite Toddler and Baby books? I'm always on the hunt for new ones!

<3 Kastles