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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Confetti the Unicorn

Happy Halloween from our little Confetti the Unicorn!  A little bit on how I made this costume:

-Pink Knitted Onesie from Joe Fresh
-I bought a t-shirt from Value Village that matched the blue of the Unicorn & traced out one of Emery’s onesies for the pattern, & turned it into a one shouldered onesie. I put velcro on the bottom instead of snaps.
-For the mane & tail, I did similar steps to this tutorial

-I hand stitched on the little stars
I put the mane & tail on a headband I made out of the leftover t-shirt material, but I would recommend put it on a hat or hoodie.

I hope you all had a fun & Happy Halloween!

<3 Kastles & Confetti
Friday, 30 October 2015

The Dark Knight

Everyone needs a fancy spooky cocktail for Halloween right? I messed around in the kitchen the other night and came up with this drink.
-1 bottle of Champagne or Prosecco
-1 small bottle Belvoir Elderflower Presse
-A handful of blackberries
-1 tsp of simple syrup (Pinterest has loads of recipes for this)
-Bat gummies or other Halloween creatures
Get a small bowl & mash the blackberries up. Dump the black berries into a champagne flute. Add your teaspoon of simple syrup & stir together gently. Fill the glass half way with the Belvoir Elderflower Presse & then top it off with the Prosecco. Garnish with your batty little friend & enjoy!
Happy Halloween weekend friends!
<3 Kastles
Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Floral Pumpkins.

Generally, my holiday style is a bit on the girlie side. I wanted to switch up our Halloween/fall decor this year & felt like getting crafty. I had a fair amount of Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper leftover from Emery’s 1st Birthday Party, and I knew I wanted to create something with it. Enter these adorable floral pumpkins. They were super easy to make, didn’t take long & are so pretty!
-Fake or Real pumpkins (I used white ones, as I thought it looked best with the paper)
-wrapping paper (here & here)
-Mod Podge
-Sponge brush
-Washi tape
1.) Cut out a strip of the paper. I choose to cut around the flowers. I didn’t want to cover the whole pumpkin, but you could also do it that way.
2.) Apply Mod Podge around the pumpkin where you are going to apply the paper.
3.) Tape the strip of paper onto the pumpkin where you want it. This just makes it easier when you are painting on the Mod Podge.
4.) Paint on the Mod Podge going up and down (similar to the ridges of the pumpkin) until it sticks & all the edges of the paper are flat. I went over a couple to times with just the brush to try & smooth out the paper.
Now it’s a waiting game. I painted mine before bed and in the morning it was all dry. I love that I can use this pumpkin again next year. I got mine at Michaels & I am guessing they are all on sale now. I hope you enjoyed this!
<3 Kastles
p.s-For some other ideas on decoration pumpkins check out this post.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Fall Foliage

Cleaning up the yard in the fall is a lot of work. We usually put it off as long as possible, or ‘gasp’ don’t do it at all. The thought of having Emery play in the leaf pile was enough motivation for us to start tidying. I have fond memories of playing in the leaves as a child. I especially remember playing in the leaves at my G.G & Grandpa’s house. Recreating those memories with Emery was just perfect. She wasn’t really sure about the leaf pile at first but warmed up to it. She loved exploring around the yard, and we loved watching her. Of course, she attempted to put everything into her mouth. The adventures of having a curious baby is you always have to be watching them. Especially if they are being quiet, you know they are up to no good. What fall memories do you have as a child?
<3 Kastles 
Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sweater Weather

Has anyone else watched the little SNL clip about Sweater Weather? Too funny! I have been on the
search for more sweaters lately. I have found the last couple of winters, my sweater selection has been slim. I couldn’t pass up this incredibly soft and fun sweater to add to my growing collection. 

Also in other news I finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! It’s the small things people!

<3 Kastles

Eyelash sweater: Winners (similar here), Ripped jeans: Old Navy, Leopard print purse: Old Navy, Necklace: Erica Weiner, Booties: Target, Hat: c/o Joe Fresh (find here)
                                                            *Photos by Vickie Laliotis*

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Bamboo Stockroom Baby

Emery has been a busy bee! She has been modelling for Bamboo Ballroom’s new store, Bamboo Stockroom. This lovely shop has all sorts of home goods, gifts, & adorable baby goods. To read more about the goodies E is modelling above, check out my guest posts on Bamboo Ballroom’s blog.

<3 Kastles

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

In Disguise


Anyone else remember the Friends episode where Joey wears Phoebe’s maternity pants for Thanksgiving dinner? I made sure to wear my version of those pants to one of our Thanksgiving dinners. These Anthropologie pants are basically sweats in disguise. They are easy to dress up with the right accessories & shoes, and no one knows that you are trying to conceal your Turkey dinner underneath. I hope all my Canadian friends enjoyed one or two turkey dinners this weekend. I am so thankful to all of you for reading & supporting my blog!

<3 Kastles

Chiffon Spliced Tee: Anthropologie (on sale here), Leather bomber: Soia & Kyo, Edda Joggers: Anthropologie (on sale here), Tassel earrings: Anthropologie, Black pumps: Target, Margaret Elizabeth Moon Diamond Bangle: c/o DelilahK
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