Summer fun for toddlers

I can't be the only one that is so sad for summer to be over, right? I mean I love PSL's, cozy sweaters & cute boots as much as the next fashion blogger but summer is so fun! Our little family had lots of fun adventures. Here is a little photo diary of our summer together. 

Summer fun for toddlers

She is such a little water baby. Also can we just talk about this adorable bikini? 

Toddlers in the summer

Vintage baby style

See what I mean, just loves playing in the water.

Farmers Market Fun

Australian food

A Fathers Love

Father Daughter Love

These two, I mean can they get any cuter?

Vintage Baby style

Vintage baby style

We spent a long weekend at our cabin, which Em absolutely loved! No cars or roads, so she could just run around as much as she wanted. Plus she loved going in the lake, even though it was freezing! 

Babies at the cabin

Camping with Toddlers

Water fun with toddlers

Toddlers camping

Paddle Board Outfitters

We spent a week in Montana with my husbands family. Emery absolutely had a blast with all her cousins, it was so cute watching them play together! We went paddle boarding (our brother-in-law owns Paddle Board Outfitters, if you are ever in the Kalispell are check them out!) and I didn't even fall in! 

A Fathers Love

Toddler fun outside

Toddlers and popsicles

Outside play for kids

Outside play for toddlers

We are already missing our family adventures in the warm summer sun. And especially missing Dada as he went back to work last week. 

I hope you all had an amazing summer! Thanks for reading along on our little adventure!

<3 Kastles