Nothing like sharing this easy DIY Paper Bag Advent Calendar last minute. We did this Calendar last year after becoming inspired from this one by Monica Hibbs

It's super easy, cute and fairly inexpensive. We have a chocolate calendar and a fun Playmobil one too that Emery got as gifts, so we are going to have lots of fun this month!

Supplies Needed
-Brown Paper Bags (25)
-Clothes Pins
-Command Strips or something similar
-Black Pen

I drew different wreaths on each envelope. I just looked up different illustrated wreaths on Pinterest for ideas. Instead of filling each bag with a toy or trinket, each envelope has a different Christmas activity in it. Then I put a piece of the command strips on the back of the clothes pins, and hung them up on the wall, spacing them out with the bags. I'm sure you could use a ruler to make sure the bags are even but I just eyeballed it.

Here is a list of some activities I came up with. I got Emery to help brainstorm ideas too. 

Christmas Activities 
-have hot chocolate & marshmallows
-go ice skating
-put up the Christmas tree
-watch a christmas movie with popcorn
-paint our nails Christmas colors
-buy toys for other children
-watch a Christmas movie with popcorn
-make Christmas cookies
-make bird food ornaments
-go look at Christmas lights
-go toboganning
-decorate a gingerbread house
-donate to the food bank
-make Christmas Playdough
-Write a letter to Santa
-Play Christmas music on the piano
-have a bath with a Christmas bath bomb
-Read the Christmas Story

I try to map out the activities on days that make sense. For example decorating the tree would be on a weekend day when my Hubby would be home. Try to plan them out with what fits your schedule. You can also always ad-lib them if your kids are younger & can't read.

Emery can't wait to start this tomorrow! I'm so excited for us to all make some fun Christmas memories together!

<3 Kastles