Thrifting clothes for kids

I can't believe it is already Fall! Where did summer go? 

This year going back to school looks a little different, and we are just rolling with it. 

One of my favourite memories about going Back-to-School was shopping for new clothes! I loved getting to pick out my First Day of School outfit. Even though Back to School is at home this year for us, I still wanted to keep things fun and special by taking her to pick out her first day Back-to-School outfit. I'm pretty sure she grew a thousand inches over the summer, so she definitely needed some new duds.

Emery and I had a special date, we grabbed cookies and coffee (just for me of course 😉) to go, and headed to MCC Thrift Edmonton.

MCC Thrift is a network of not-for-profit Thrift Shops, that support the local and global relief, development and peace projects of Mennonite Central Committee. MCC works all over the world. I am passionate about immigrants and refugees, and love how MCC works to support those groups. 

I already love thrifting but I especially love that the money from my purchases are doing some actual good in my community and the world. It's also such an amazing place to donate your gently used items as well! 

Vintage Books

Thrift Shops Edmonton

I have been thrifting my entire life, thanks to my Mama and Nana! I have such fond memories as a kid thrifting with them, and I hope that my kids grow up having the same memories. 

There are SO many reasons I love thrifting. 

1.) You can find so many unique and cool items!

2.) Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Thrifting is so, so, so good for the environment! It gives items a new life, and new home that isn't the dump.

3.) Saving money! MCC Thrift in Edmonton younger kids clothes were 5 items for $1! Which is also extra amazing when kids grow out of clothes so fast! I found tons of awesome items for Emery and Alder. So perfect for Back to School!

Thrifting Tips

I picked up this whole pile of goodies for the kids, and a few items for myself! Plus kids books, Halloween craft kits (brand new), and Halloween costumes! Halloween costumes are also repurposed in our house as dress up clothes. The kids LOVE playing dress up. They had so many amazing items for Back-to-School, including Backpacks, clothes, shoes, books and more!

I highly recommend checking out to find the nearest MCC Thrift to you for all your Back-to-School needs!

What is the most amazing vintage/thrifted find you have ever found? I love hearing what people find thrifting!

Have a wonderful week!

<3 Kassandra