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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Dressing Postpartum

Dressing postpartum

It's funny how near the end of your pregnancy, you say things like "I can't wait to wear my normal clothes again", totally forgetting what it's really like to dress after having your new little baby. Your body is completely foreign to you with all sorts of extra lumpy bits. Not to mention if you have a c-section you have an incision site you need to be careful of. 

Last time after having Emery, it was fall so it was easier to dress. I could just throw on layers and leggings. This time I found it a lot harder to dress. It was spring time and hot out! There was no way I was fitting into any of my shorts so I had to invest in a few dresses. 

Dressing postpartum

Brunette Ombre

Now there are a lot of dress styles out there that are awesome for postpartum, including a few I had in my closet but...not nursing friendly. I found that my biggest challenge, was finding cute dresses that were comfy but nursing friendly. Not too mention cool, since it was such a hot summer. I found picking styles that were a little bit on the looser side, dark or printed were my best friend. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on these pieces since I was hoping they wouldn't be worn for too long. Winners and Old Navy were great places to find such pieces. These dresses from Old Navy I pretty much lived in all summer. Not too pricey, lots of different prints and I could easily pull down the front to nurse. 
Dressing postpartum

Dressing postpartum

This maxi dress from Winners was a favourite. It was off the shoulder (could be worn pulled up too), so it was easy nurse in. The darker print is great at disguising all those extra lumps, and it makes me feel a little bit more fancy. Because let's be honest, most days its black leggings and baby spit stained nursing tanks for this girl. 

I really wish I was a lot more comfortable and confident in my body postpartum. I see so many Mamas on Instagram posting their rolls, stretch marks, postpartum bodies and embracing it. I find it so beautiful and inspiring but I just can't get there. It's something I am working on. I am so very grateful that I was blessed with this amazing body that carried, gave birth and gave/gives nutrients to my beautiful babies. I am trying to remember that God created me in His image and loves me just the way that I am. My husband also loves every bit of me and reminds me of this every day.

The ladies from Hobbs Photography launched a Photography project called A Mother's Beauty that sets out to show Mothers that they are enough. The images and words of the Mamas (and their children) are beyond beautiful and help push me to being a little more confident in my Motherhood body. 

Thanks for reading, I hope some of this resonated with you and I am not alone in all these feelings. Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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  1. You look awesome. Totally resonate with the whole postpartum dressing conundrum. Good advice.


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