Toddler style

I can't believe it is almost May! That means that this new baby will be here before we know it. It also means that this Mama will be very tired, especially having a toddler to look after on top of this new babe. Making meals is going to be low on my priority list and anything that makes my life easier sounds good to me, so ordering Panago Pizza is a must!

Panago Pizza

We ordered Panago Pizza on the weekend, which was so nice after a long week of being super sick to have a break from cooking. Panago Pizza has actually been one of my number one pregnancy cravings too, so this Mama was extra happy!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Panago now offers 100% Organic Italian tomato sauce which is made with organic tomatoes, herbs and spices. I also learned that their Ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni and salami are made from pork raised without the use of antibiotics. I always try to buy meat products that are made without the use of antibiotics, so that made me really happy. Especially when feeding my little toddler. They also don't use artificial colours or flavours, everything is natural. 


Pizza Party

Pizza made this Mama and her girl very happy!

Panago Pizza

Toddler pizza

Emery was so excited to have her own little box of pepperoni pizza to eat. She was also pretty jacked about the Organic juices they carry. Such a fun treat for her to have her own pizza and juice box! Aaron and I might have stolen the other two juice boxes from her, they were just too good! I think the organic lemon was my favourite.

Panago Pizza

Panago Pizza is made with fresh dough in store daily, and they also use 100% Canadian wheat and cheese. I love companies that support Canadian products! I also love that you can order other things with your pizza like salads (you can even create your own salads), wings, desserts and breads. 

Panago Pizza

We will definitely be ordering more Panago Pizza in our future! What's your favourite kind to order?
Let me know!

<3 Kastles