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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Maternity Denim

Maternity Style

I'm almost in my third! trimester, which seems crazy! This pregnancy has flown by! I have definitely been finding it a little more challenging dressing this time around. Last time when I was at this stage it was summer, so I could just wear my Birkenstocks and dresses. Winter in Edmonton does not give me that luxury. I have been dressing more in leggings and maternity jeans. 

Maternity Style

Maternity Style

Thank goodness for Pink Blush Maternity. These ripped denim jeans are a style that I would normally wear sans baby bump, and the large band is great for supporting my belly. They also have tons of other styles here

Brunette ombre lob

Maternity Style

Maternity Style

Also this top is all kinds of amazing. It's on trend with the little cut outs, and it's super comfy. Plus I can wear it with leggings as well. I find a lot of maternity tops are kind of boring and not on trend, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem. 

I also have my eye on one of their beautiful nursing/maternity robes. I think it would be great to bring to the hospital, to at least try and feel a little bit human post delivery, haha!

Where do you shop for cute maternity clothes?

<3 Kastles 

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  1. You look beautiful and comfortable which is key when pregnant. I didn't have a robe but I wish I would have -- they look great in pictures too.


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