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Monday, 6 March 2017

Our Current Favourite Kids Books

Reading with toddlers

If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile now, you probably know that this little lady loves books. She loves reading by herself and being read to. I think we started reading books to her when she was just a few months old. I still remember her tiny little body all cuddled up to her Daddy while he read to her. Such a sweet memory!

We are always on the look out for new books, varying in style, theme and stories. We are sharing our current favourites below. 

Toddler style

Toddler Books

Oh man, when we first read this book it made me cry. I mean it might have a little to do with the pregnancy hormones, but it really is so sweet. It is about a little girl who has a baby duck that she mothers and eventually sets it free. The illustrations are so beautiful, and the little girls outfits are so chic! 

If you haven't had a peek at the Cozy Classics books yet, you need to! Each page is has a cute little scene created with felt pieces. Beside each picture on the opposite page is a word that corresponds to the picture. It's a great book for early learning and teaching them simple words. 

Toddler Teepee DIY

Reading with toddlers

Toddler book review

This book tells a story about a lost little wolf pup and little girl. The book has no words, just illustrations. The little girl helps the wolf pup find his family but gets lost doing so. The Wolf Pack then help the little girl get back to her family. I found this book was a little bit too old for Emery to understand at this point but will be good for her in a year or so. 

This story is about a boy Charles and his Toboggan (named Boggan) out on a adventure to find a Wish tree. On their way looking for such a tree they come across lots of Forrest creatures who they end up helping. They eventually find a Wish tree and tie a wish to it. All the animals throw a magical Forest feast for Charles and Boggan. My favourite part about the book is how Charles & Boggan help out the animals. It's a sweet little story about friendship. Also the illustrations are just magical!

Toddler book review

Toddler book review

Wee Society Books

Wee Society has some of the cutest & most creative books and toys out there. This fun book has different pictures of unique things on each page. It also has the word describing each picture below. You get to go through the book and decide which things you think are awesome. Emery really loves the illustrations and putting her finger on each word trying to read them. It's a great book for building her vocabulary. 

This book is a super fun fill-in journal for kids. Emery is too little for it now but I can't wait till she is old enough to fill it in. It has places for them to draw and write in, asking fun things such as what they would bring to outer space, what their hair looks like and how they feel about snakes. It will make such a beautiful keepsake too look back on when they are older. I think this type of book would also make a great gift!

Toddler book review

These are just our current favourite kids books. We are always on the lookout for new and fun books! What are your favourite kid books? Please share below!

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