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Friday, 29 July 2016

DIY Pom Pom Photo Banner

DIY Pom Pom Banner

I can't be the only one that is super bad at printing their photos out? I have a ton of photos saved on my phone and computer, but I can't for the life of me seem to have any printed. Let's be honest, it's mostly because I am lazy.

I was so excited when I found the Impressed App. It's just an app you can download on your phone, and connect your iPhone photos or Instagram photos to, and super easy to use. They offer prints of your photos in different sizes and styles. I had been wanting to make something to hang above Emery's crib for awhile now, and thought something involving these prints would be perfect. I picked some of my favourite photos in similar colours. They shipped super fast, and are awesome quality.

I wanted to make something fun and colourful, but not too complicated. I had a bunch of yarn in fun colours, that were similar to the colours in the photos. A pom pom photo banner it was!

DIY Pom Poms

Materials Needed: 
-Yarn in different colours (or just one if you want, personal preference)
-Washi Tape
-2 nails

DIY Pom Pom Maker

1.) Make a a bunch of Pom Poms.

There are a variety of ways to make Pom Poms. You can pick up a Pom Pom maker from somewhere like Michaels, you can make your own using a piece of cardboard or you can even use a fork to make cute little tiny ones. I used a homemade cardboard maker and fork to make a variation of Pom Poms. 

DIY Pom POms

Instagram Prints

Instagram Prints

2.) Arrange your photos in the order you want them to appear on the banner. 

I tried to space out different colours, types of photos, etc. This is also where you will decide how long you want your banner to be. 

DIY Pom Poms and Baby Toes

DIY Photo Banner

3.) Flip your photos over and place your yarn along the back of the photos. Leave a little tiny space in between each photo so there is room to tie the Pom Poms later. I also left extra yarn on either side of the end of the banner to hang more Pom Poms on.

4.) Use Washi Tape to secure the yarn to the photos. Press down extra hard or you use your nail to make sure the tape is super secure.

DIY Pom Pom Photo Banner

5.) Cut a little piece of yarn and attach it to each Pom Pom. 

6.) Tie the Pom Poms along the banner in between the photos.  

DIY Pom Pom Photo Banner

DIY Pom Pom Banner

7.) Attach however many Pom Poms on either end of the banner. I usually like using odd numbers when creating projects, so I did three Pom Poms on either side.

DIY Pom Poms

Baby Style

DIY Pom Pom Banner
DIY Photo Banner

DIY Pom Pom Banner

8.) Use a level to mark where you want your nails on the wall. Hammer the nails in, and hang your banner.

Viola! Your DIY Pom Pom Photo Banner is complete!

DIY Pom Pom Banner

DIY Pom Pom Banner

Nursery Decor

Baby Girl Nursery

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY. Emery is super obsessed with her new decor!

<3 Kastles


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