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As most of you know Anthropologie is one of, ok my favourite store. It's hard not to go in there and come out empty handed. Everything is so beautiful, unique and inspiring. For the last little while, they have really been stepping up their beauty game. There are so many fun and unique products just waiting for me to test. This is a round up of my favourite ones so far.

The best hair, nail and face masks

Ok, how cute are these? Can't go wrong with the adorable packaging and pastel colors. First of all, I love that the brand Kocostar is Canadian (Canada represent!). Each single-use mask and cream is phthalate and paragon free. They are packed full of essential oils (which in case you haven't heard is all the rage) and they have a variety of kinds to try. My favourite is probably the Hair Therapy one, mostly because it smells like Lavender which is one of my favourite scents. The Nail Therapy one is awesome, especially in between manicures. Of course you can never go wrong with a foot treatment, especially in the summer months. The only one I haven't tried out is the Split End Therapy, which looks promising.

Rose Water

Mario Badescu can do no wrong. You might remember me talking about my love for his products here. The Rose Water facial spray is one my favourites. I love it in the summer time for a little refresher, especially when it's hot out. 

Best lip scrub and lip butter

These are two of my favourite lip products hands down. I use the Butter elixir lip every night before bed. It smells delicious and leaves my lips moisturized but not greasy. The Albeit lip scrub is great at getting rid of dead skin (especially when you get those goopy lines from lip gloss, you know what I'm talking about right?). Not to mention it looks so pretty, comes in the cutest packaging and smells like dessert.

Anthropologie Beauty

The Kaia Juicy Bamboo Natural Facal Cleansing Cloths are the best face wipes  I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot! They smell like a tropical vacation, are cruelty free and made of 100% biodegradable bamboo fibres. 

The MIYU De-Stress MI Beauty Essence is a great little mist that is perfect for helping you let go of some stress. Spritz a little here and there, take a few big deep breaths in and you feel a whole lot better. The pepperminty smell also perks you right up!

Have any of you checked out Anthropologie's huge beauty selection? What are your favourites?

<3 Kastles

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