Baby leggings

Dressing a little girl is way too much fun! I know that one day she won't let me dress her anymore, so I have to take advantage of it while I can. 

There are so many adorable baby lines out there, so I rounded up a few of my faves to share with you all.

Cute baby clothes

Cute baby leggings

* Above Details: Handmade knit sweater, Gap Tee, Rose Gold Mocassins c/o Mini Moc, Little Bow & Arrow Donut Leggings, Confetti the Unicorn BlaBla Dolls*

The Little Bow & Arrow shop was one of the very first small baby shops that I followed on Instagram when I was pregnant with Emery. I instantly fell in love with her donut print, I mean you can't go wrong with donuts! Plus I was eating donuts like crazy at that point, haha! What I especially love about her shop is that she designs her own prints, has them printed onto fabric & then sews all of her own garments. Besides these donut leggings, we also have an adorable Teddy Bear swing dress which Emery wore to meet Santa this past Christmas. I ordered her leggings in a size up, which meant they were a little long for her so I just rolled them up for awhile. This way she gets to wear them a bit longer!

Toddler style

Toddler girl style

Her face just gets me overtime. Also I love that she still has a tiny bit of her baby wrist rolls left, because she is growing way too fast!

Toddler girl dresses

Redfish Kids has the most amazing and unique dresses for little toddlers. They pay so much attention to detail. Emery is wearing the Party Dress in Geometric Floral. This style of dress you could size up a little because you can tighten it with the belt if it's a little bit too big. This way you can get more longevity out of the piece, which is always a bonus. 

Best of toddler clothes

June and January baby clothes

I am pretty sure this girl is saying "Cheese!" in this photo. She must be use to getting her photo taken a lot or something, haha! 

June and January baby clothes

June & January have the best basics in the prettiest colors & simple prints. Their fabrics are so soft and super flexible for all the running around & playing that toddlers tend to do. This stripe little tee is one of my favourite pieces in Emery's closet, and I love that if we have another babe that's a boy he can use it too. 

Vintage baby clothes

Vintage baby clothes

Is there anything sweeter then a little baby girl and her Daddy? *Insert heart melting here*.

Smell the peonies

Smell the flowers

I mean really! *All the heart eyes.*

Toddler rooms

Baby girl style

Toddler gardening

Now these last dresses are from an Instagram friend of mine Kneesocksandgoldilocks. She makes the most beautiful clothes for her children, mostly out of vintage fabrics and patterns. She doesn't have a shop per say, but she does have auctions on items her daughter has outgrown. All of the proceeds go to our local Food Bank which is awesome. You need to check out her page; her work, photos and children are so beautiful! You will leave with the biggest smile on your face!

I hope you have enjoyed just a few of my favourite baby shops. Let me know what your favourites are! 

<3 Kastles