The best sleep sacks for babies

I don't know about you other Mamas but when I first got pregnant I got straight up lost in the world of Instagram finding all the best, hippest & cutest baby brands. It's pretty much an endless selection out there which is exciting but also a bit overwhelming. I have come to find  some brands that I really trust. One of my all time favourite brands is Aden + Anais. 

Baby sleep sacks

Probably my all time favourite products from them is their sleeping bags. Sleep sacks (another term for them) have been such life saver in our parenting world. If you haven't heard about them before, basically it's a little sleeping bag that your baby wears to bed. It keeps them warm, bundled up & my favourite part is you don't have to worry about them getting cold in the night. You don't have to keep going in there and putting their blankets back on.

The best sleep sacks for babies

They also offer they cutest prints around, I love this Midnight print. They are also made out of the softest & coziest muslin material.

Snacks for toddlers

There are a few other brands that make sleep sacks but the Aden + Anais ones are my favourite. They offer a range of thickness (Tog to be more specific, the higher the Tog rating the warmer it is), and I love that they have a zipper. I find ones with snaps, Emery can easily get out of them. 

Well Mamas & Papas, have you tried out sleep sacks before? I highly recommend them! I am going to be sad when Emery outgrows them. Let me know what your thoughts are. I also rounded up some of my favourite prints of theirs below!


*Sleeping Bag c/o Aden + Anais*