Pastel Animal Birthday Party

Can someone explain to me how my little baby is 2 years old now?! 

I figured this year was probably going to be one of the last birthday party of hers where I can pick what the theme is. We all know it will be Paw Patrol and Princess Parties for years to come, haha!

She loves animals, so I decided to go with a "Pastel Animal" theme. I figured it was simple enough and you can't go wrong with pastels.

Pastel Animal Birthday Party

Pastel Birthday Party

Spray painted animals

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Whipped Up Baked Goods Macarons

I have only pinned spray painted plastic animals on Pinterest a million times, so I figured it was time to actually try it out. I found most of the spray paint colors at Home Depot. Pastel Purple was harder to find and I actually ended up getting enamel spray from Michaels.

I suggest to do light coats to help the animals to dry faster & it prevents them from getting sticky.

Daddy's Girl

I think we created a macaron monster! Emery absolutely loved the macarons from Whipped Up Baked Goods.  Okay actually everyone loved them, I got so many questions about where I got them. The Mint Chocolate Chip might have been my favourite. If you are in the #YEG area you need to check them out! Kandace is the sweetest girl, and so very talented!

Pretty Pastel Party

I noticed that Anthropologie at WEM always had the most beautiful flowers at their events, and upon further research I discovered they were from Fleurs Flowers

Emery and I both love flowers, so I knew that their florals needed to be at her birthday party. I told them about the theme of the party and sent a few pictures of past arrangements they did that I loved. They dreamed up the most gorgeous arrangements in the prettiest rose gold vases. Their shop is so fun & has a gorgeous flower wall inside. Besides making beautiful floral arrangements, they also offer all sorts of fun workshops

Birthday Girl!

DIY Birthday Party Playdough Favours

I made homemade pastel play dough for the party favours. It was really easy and fairy inexpensive. We had leftover mason jars from our wedding favours that I used. I glued little plastic animals on the lids and then spray painted them. For the play dough I used this recipe. It was so easy, fast and it was fun to make pastel colors. 

Pink Ombre Birthday Cake

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Target Cake Stand
DIY Pastel Animals

Ombre Cakes were another thing on my Pinterest to Do List. I am no baker by any means but I do love being creative. I just used a Betty Crocker white cake box mix, poured it into three different bowls. I then added red food colouring to each bowl, increasing the number of drops. For example the first bowl (which would be the first layer) had two drops, the second bowl would have four drops, etc. Those aren't the exact measurements, I just kind of eye balled it. It ended up being pretty subtle, so if you want it to be a bigger contrast I would add more drops. 

Birthday Girl!

Emery's Dress: Old Navy

Wood Playhouse

Pink Ombre Birthday Cake

2nd Birthday Party

Pretty Pastel Macarons
Pastel Birthday Party

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I was having a hard time finding a Party Shop that carried Confetti Balloons and that wasn't too far away. I was so happy when Heather & Gem Party shop popped up on my Instagram feed. The confetti balloons added a fun element to the party, and the kids loved them! She also carries tons of other fun party supplies, including the cake topper. 

Family Picture :)

It was so fun putting this birthday party together for our sweet girl. I love how excited she was about everything, and seeing all her loved ones. She especially was stoked about everyone singing Happy Birthday to her, it was so sweet to watch! We are so blessed by this beautiful girl, and Emery is so blessed by all those who love her!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

<3 Kastles