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When I first heard about the latest in Korean Skincare, I was a little weirded out. We are talking about escargot here people. More specifically snail mucus filtrate. Originally when companies were advertising about products containing snail mucus filtrate, they would not blatantly advertise what the main product was, mostly because lets be honest it sounds gross. Now that it has been around awhile in Korea with consumers really seeing results, and is starting to pick up in North America companies have been more blatant advertising about what the magic ingredients are. 

Escargot skincare trend

I am pretty open minded when it comes to trying new products, so I thought I would be brave and give the snails a shot. Mostly I just tried not to think too much about what was going on my skin, and went for it. 

The two snail products I tested out are:

Korean skincare trends

Both of these products have black ginseng and 24K gold flakes in them, which makes them feel even fancier. Along with the snail mucus filtrate, the black ginseng and 24K gold is suppose to improve elasticity, add nourishment, promote healthier skin and add radiance. 

I used both of these products before bed. If you are worried about these products smelling weird because of the snail ingredients, you don't have to worry! They didn't smell weird or funky at all, they actually smelt nice. 

Usually when I use toner, I use a cotton pad and rub it all over my face. With this Escargot toner, it actually says to pump 3-4 drops in your hand & pat it on your face. This way it absorbs into your skin better. I followed it with the serum, and found it was a great combo! The gold flecks are subtle, and I did find my face to actually be more radiant. It kinda had a shimmering glow to it, which I was totally digging!

Korean Skincare trends

I am definitely going to try using these products first thing in the morning, so I can show off the glow they create. Lets be honest, I am probably going to use them in the morning and at bed time now!

Have you tried any products with snails in them? Let me know! I'd love to know what you thought!

<3 Kastles

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