Best baby board books

Best baby board books

Growing up my Mom always encouraged reading from a very young age. I am so very thankful for this, as reading has become one of my favourite pastimes. I knew reading was something I really wanted to instil in my children at a very young age. When Emery was very little (maybe around 3 months old) we started a bedtime routine with her. This bedtime routine included reading books, even if Emery didn't understand at such a young age what reading was exactly. 

As of right now, Emery loves to sit down and read books by herself or with us. It brings me such joy to see her immersed in reading. I'm always on the hunt for cute, interesting and fun board books for her. I've rounded up my top 5 baby board books below.

Hands down, Babylit books publishes the absolute cutest books ever. They take a lot of classic books (think Pride & Prejudice, Emma, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, etc) and turn them into beautifully illustrated board books. They just did a collaboration with the designers behind the very popular Lucy Darling shop for the All Aboard collection. New York is one of my favourite places so I was pumped when E got this book as a gift from her talented Uncle Brayden. 

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I got this as a gift for Aaron's first Father's Day. I guess Jimmy Fallon tried so hard to have his daughters first word to be Dada. In this book all the Dada animals try so hard to get their babies to say Dada. The irony of this book for us, is that Emery's first word was Dada. Haha!

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Bookshelf Details: Rifle Paper Co. Classic Books, Blabla Doll Confetti the Unicorn and Peter Rabbit Classic Books (mine from when I was a kid).

best baby books

We have read this book a lot to Emery. It was one of the first books we read her. She loved it right from the beginning and so did we. It's about a cute little family & their baby growing up. The words are sweet and the illustrations are beautiful. By far one of my favourite baby books.

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This is a new book but already a winner. The illustrations are simple, bright and to the point. I love how uncluttered it is. It's a great book to help teach colors to your little ones. Emery loves to point to all the colors on the last page and get us to tell her which is which. I can't wait till she can tell us!

Best baby board books

Ok, I might have lied. This might be my favourite book of Emery's. This story is about a little monkey named Bobo who just wants a hug from his Mommy. All the other parents are hugging their babies and he feels left out. Spoiler alert, Mommy and Bobo reunite & it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Mostly because Emery is always so happy when they find each other.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of our favourite baby board books. Let me know which ones are your favourite down below!

<3 Kastles

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