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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mama's Night In



I don’t know about you other Mama’s out there, but after my little one goes to bed I look forward to a little time to myself. It is so important to take a little time for yourself, otherwise you can start to go a little crazy. I throw on my favourite pjs (these adorable pjs also come in a pineapple print as well) and settle down with a few of my favourite beauty products to play with. If I have had a particularly long day, this stress relief treatment oil from Dermalogica is my go to. It is great to add to a running bath or massage onto your temples. A face mask is the ultimate treat, & this yummy smelling one from Joe Fresh has been my favourite lately. Of course, painting my nails is something that only gets done after Emery goes to bed. These pastel hues from Julep Maven are my latest obsession. Don’t forget the Netflix & fun popcorn!
<3 Kastles
Stress Relief Treatment Oil: c/o Dermalogica Canada, Nail polishes: Julep Maven, Face Mask & Pjs: c/o Joe Fresh, Tray: Target, Bowl: Anthropologie

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