Kevin Murphy Restore Me

My sister-in-law first introduced me to Kevin Murphy's hair products. I have since then been a huge fan of his line. They always smell delicious and seem to work wonders with my crazy, naturally curly hair. My usual favourites are the Hydrate-Me.Wash & Rinse. Not to mention their packaging is superb. I'm always a sucker for cute packaging. 

Kevin Murphy Restore Me

The cutest little hands and sweetest little assistant. 

Kevin Murphy Restore Me Haircare

So naturally, I was pretty stoked to test out a few products from their new line. Enter the REPAIR-ME Line. These goodies are meant to help repair & reconstruct damaged hair. Coming from an avid flat iron fan, this was probably a good idea for my hair. 

Kevin Murphy Re.Store Hair

Upon opening these up, I was transported to a beach. Ok, not actually but you get my drift. They smell so deliciously tropical. I have been using this system for over a month, and I have to say my hair is looking/feeling a lot better. My favourite out of the three has to be the RE.STORE repairing cleansing treatment. When you hop in the shower, throw this treatment on for 2-3 minutes and rinse it out. You actually use it lieu of shampoo and conditioner & up to 2 times a week. My hair is so silky & smells divine after using this bad boy. 

Toddler style

See even Em is feeling the tropical vibes.

In all honesty, I would definitely recommend investing in this system if your hair is a little too deep fried for your liking.

What are your favourite Kevin Murphy products?

<3 Kastles