DIY Bible Verse Wood Sign

It's been awhile since we've shared our recent favourite toddler books. Here is a link to all of my posts about books for toddlers and babies. 

Below I'm sharing our current favourite books.

Unicorn books

Emery finds this book hilarious. The basis of the story is about a Horse who is very jealous of the Unicorn, and how in the end they become friends. It's very witty and the illustrations are fun & beautiful. There is a little bit of potty humour in this book (a.k.a about a certain little gas 😉), which might be why Emery finds it so funny, haha!

DIY Bible Verse Wood Sign

Lola Dutch

Emery would have me read this book over and over again. It's about a little girl named Lola Dutch who has the most active, wild imagination and just filled with tons of ideas. She has a little crew of animal friends and always turns their simple daily activities into the grandest of adventures. The illustrations are beautiful and filled with wonderful details. Emery loves to always quote this book which is so cute!

Toddler Room

Dear Girl Book

This is a wonderful, heartfelt book for little girls and big girls everywhere. It's a love letter written to your little girl reminding them of how strong, smart, and important they are. There is a reason this book is a #1 New York Times Best Seller. I usually tear up every time I read this. It's a great reminder for Emery but also for myself.

Toddler girl room

100 Things to Spot Book

Now this is a delightfully fun book! It's a great book for quiet time because there are so many things to look for on each page, and the illustrations are so visually pleasing. There are different scenes such as the beach, park, pool, etc. It teaches your child about numbers, colors, shapes, and opposites. You also have to find the Cat-and-Mouse on each page which is a game in itself.

Toddler Girl Room

What are some of your favourite toddler books at the moment? I love finding new ones!

<3 Kastles