Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and babies

One of my favourite parts of being a parent is getting to celebrate Holidays with my babes. I really enjoy doing themed Holiday activities, crafts, etc. Easter is one of my favourite Holidays. I love celebrating the love Jesus has for us and all the hope that Easter brings. And I also just love all the Easter things: flowers, pastels, eggs, and the chocolate of course. 

I have such fond memories of searching for eggs growing up. I am so excited Emery is a little bigger this year so she can really enjoy it. Easter baskets are totally my jam and I had way too much fun collecting goodies for the kids this year. 

Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and babies

In Alder's Basket

Petit Collage Lion Wooden Push Along Toy: Petit Collage is such an amazing kids company. Their toys are beautiful & ethically made, which is awesome. This little push along toy has smooth wheels and it's easy to grasp. 

Petit Collage Busy Bear Organic Baby Activity Doll: This cute little cotton bear has a solid beech wood ring with I know Alder is going to love to chew on, a crinkly shape that jiggles when pulled, soft crinkly ears and the always popular ribbon tabs.

Fluffy Tails Soft Book: I picked up this book at Max & Maude in Sherwood Park. If you are looking for gifts or Easter goodies, go there! So many amazing items! Alder loved this book while we were looking around, so many different textures to play & chew on. They have tons of other versions of it as well. 

Guess How Much I Love You Book: Such a classic & adorable book. I've taken this out of the library  a bunch of times so I knew it would make a great addition to our own library. I actually thrifted this from Value Village. I have found so many brand new kids books out thrifting, it's awesome. 

Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and babies

Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and babies

In Emery's Basket

The Bunny Who Found Easter Book: This is a remake of an old classic, and it's a sweet little story. A lonely bunny goes hunting for Easter, where he hopes to find other bunnies. He goes searching through all the seasons, he finally finds what he has been looking for in spring. 

JellyCat Bunny: This sweet little bunny is another pick from Max & Maude. They have so many stuffies to choose from. Emery for sure doesn't need another stuffy but I couldn't resist. 

Petit Collage Little Travelers Mix and Match: I'm just so excited about this! There are over 25+ magnetic pieces that can be mixed and matched. It comes in a easy to close tin, and has two full color play scenes printed on the inside. I can't wait to play with this, haha!

Masha's World Activity Book by Suzy Ultman: Suzy Ultman's designs are absolutely amazing! I included a picture below of some of the adorable stickers that are inside. I first discovered her with the Tiny Farm and Tiny House books. 

Maileg Little Brother and Baby Rocker: I discovered these amazing toys at Max & Maude. They are so so so stinking cute! I think they will make a great Heirloom toy that Emery's kids can play with one day. Max & Maude have an amazing selection of them. 

Love Fresh Rainbow Bath Bomb: I threw this in last minute because girlfriend loves a magical bath bomb! There are tons of places you can pick these up: Homesense, LUSH and Indigo. 

Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and babies

Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and babies

Aren't these illustrations the cutest things ever?!

What kind of goodies are you putting in your Easter Baskets? 

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

<3 Kastles