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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Favourite Christmas Books

Favourite Toddler Christmas books

We love love love reading in our house, and I have been loving collecting special Christmas books. I keep old ones tucked away till it's December. Here is a list of some of our favourite Christmas books for babies and toddlers.

Favourite Toddler Christmas books

Favourite Toddler Christmas books

12 Sleighs of Christmas: this one is new for us & it's a cute story about the elves coming up with new sleigh ideas for Santa. It's very creative & if you have a kid who loves cars, trucks, etc, they will love it!

Little Blue Truck's Christmas: We love the book, Little Blue Truck. Getting the Christmas version just made sense. It's a sweet little story about delivering Christmas trees, and it even has Christmas lights in it (which of course Emery & Alder  both love).

That's Not My Reindeer: Any of these books (That's Not My...) are awesome beginner books for babies. The pictures are bright & bold, and contain different textures for the babies to feel. 

Spot's Christmas: These books are simple and sweet, with bright colours for the babies. Em loves it too.

Favourite Toddler Christmas books

Favourite Toddler Christmas books

Favourite Toddler Christmas books

I've slowly been collecting vintage Christmas books from different thrift shops. You can also get reprints of these ones as well. If you are in the local area, the last time I was in Max and Maude they had some.

The Littlest Christmas Tree

What are your favourite Christmas books?

<3 Kastles 

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