There are so many things to do before you get ready for your new baby to come, and packing your Hospital Bag is one of them. It can be overwhelming. I'm sharing with you what I packed and worked for me. I'm breaking it down into what I packed for myself and what I packed for my baby.

What to pack in your Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag for Mama

Birkenstock Sandals: Last time I brought slippers which I threw out afterwards because of all the gross hospital germs. This time I brought these plastic Birkenstock Sandals. One because they are insanely comfy, and two because they are easy to wash. They ended up being one of my favourite things I packed because after having an emergency c-section my feet swelled up huge. These are adjustable so they could fit my sad feet.

Sephora Coconut Face Wipes: Chances are you are probably going to feel a little grimy after welcoming your babe into this world. Most likely you will be sore and not so mobile. Having these face wipes on hand were awesome. It felt so great to clean my face, and bonus they smell amazing! The mister even used them!

Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask: I have pretty sensitive skin and find the hospital air super dry. After wiping my face clean with the face wipes, it felt amazing to slather my favourite cream on my parched skin. 

Bumble & Bumble Prêt-a-Powder Dry Shampoo: I don't about you but I sweat a lot during labor, so my hair gets greasy super fast. Last time I had a shower at the hospital, but this time I waited till I got home. I was glad this dry shampoo was in my bag. It was great being able to touch up my hair, and feel a little less gross.

Cake Nursing Bra: I usually spend lots of with my babies skin to skin at the hospital. When leaving the hospital, I like to make sure I'm wearing a comfortable nursing bra. This one from Cake Maternity is amazing, comfy and easy to use. 

Pink Blush Maternity Nursing Robe: Pink Blush is my favourite maternity line, hands down. This robe 

Pink Blush Maternity Nursing Pjs: I wish I had ordered these pjs earlier on in my pregnancy. They are crazy soft and so so comfortable for a big belly. It's nice to have something to wear in the hospital besides the gowns they give you, and I purposely picked a darker color (hello all that extra postpartum fun). 

What to pack in your Hospital Bag

What to pack in your Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag for Baby:

I packed up all the baby goodies in a separate bag, which also happened to be our diaper bag. I went with a backpack diaper bag from The Honest Company this time, and I couldn't be happier. It just makes so much more sense to have your hands free and not to have an annoying bag hitting your sides while you are trying to wrangle a toddler & look after a baby. It comes with a change mat, has five different interior pockets and comes with an insulated pocket for snacks & bottles. It's also made with 100% polyurethane vegan leather, which is awesome and is easy to wipe.

What I packed for Baby:

Wipes & Diapers: The Hospital usually has wipes and diapers for you to use, but you never really know if you will need some extra. Plus it's always better to be over prepared with babies then underprepared.

Honest Company Healing Balm: We used this with Emery, and it always worked amazing. You can use it as butt cream, hand cream, for little cuts, anything. It's amazing!

Outfits for Baby: I packed two different sleepers for our baby in sort of gender neutralish prints. I packed two different sizes. The Hedgehog sleeper was from Max & Maude, and was a newborn size. The Elephant sleeper was from Finn+Emma and was a size 0-3 month. You never really know if your baby is going to be a little on the chunkier size so it's good to have both options. I packed a little sweater as well in case it was cooler out since it was fall.

Bow Headband: I packed this cute little bow headband from North Kinder just in case we were having a girl, since it was going to be a surprise.

Marble Swaddle & Toque: This matching swaddle and newborn knot toque from Wylo & Co. was one of the first things I bought when I got pregnant. I just adore the print & both are so soft. I think I had a few extra burp clothes thrown in the bag as well.

What to pack in your Hospital Bag

I also packed:
-Snacks for hubby and me (Gatorade, Granola Bars, Protein Bars)
-Heat Bag
-Water Bottle
-Pillows (The Hospital Pillows suck)
-Cameras (DLSR & Instant Camera)
-Phone Chargers
-File Folder (For any documents & papers for the baby)

What did you pack in your Hospital Bag? What are your must-haves and your could do withouts? I love hearing what everyone brings!

<3 Kastles