Prepping for Baby-Dockatot

I can't believe it is May already and that this little babe could be here any day now! My due date is May.17th but I have a feeling that this little nugget is going to show up sooner. 

I am in full nesting/panic mode over here. You know I have a ridiculous list for hubby and I to do before baby comes of some necessary and totally un-necessary things, haha! Thankfully I already have a few new baby items ready to go that I am super excited about. 

Newborn essentials

Finn + Emma is an adorable organic line of baby accessories, clothing and toys. You probably have seen their gorgeous Play Gyms on Instagram. I picked up a few pairs of their cute pjs, in a couple different sizes. I got these Baby Footie ones in the Elephants print and they are so soft! I love that arms have little built in mittens to stop babe from scratching their face. I also got the same print in the two piece Pajama set. 

The Ollie Swaddle

This next item I am super excited about! When it comes to swaddling babies, my skills are seriously lacking. I spend half the night worrying that the swaddle has come undone and the blanket is covering my babe. I can't tell you the number of times I have seen posts about the Ollie Swaddle. It's made from custom-designed moisturize-wicking fabric that reduces the risk of overheating. It uses velcro which allows the fit to be customized to the size and need of baby. It also has an easy access on the bottom to make for diaper changes quick and smooth. I can't wait to try it out!


Clearly both Emery and I are super excited about this DockATot Deluxe Dock. I have only heard amazing things about this docking station for babies & toddlers. It's the perfect place for baby to rest, play, lounge, cuddle, do tummy time, get diaper changes and more. I love that it is super easy to just pick up and move it from room to room, and will be great for traveling. I'm really stoked to try it out and see our sweet little babe laying in it.

Milestone Baby Cards

Last time with Emery's monthly photos I was overly ambitious. I hand painted number signs for the first couple of months and then slowly fizzled out (sorry Em). I am super excited for this cute little box of Baby Photo Cards from Milestone. Having a toddler and a baby, I know my hands are going to be a little full. This box of cards helps you to capture all of your baby's memorable moments. I can't wait to fill in card saying if we had a boy or a girl, so exciting!

I can't wait to test all these products out and let you all know what I think! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have any of you tried these out before? Let me know!

<3 Kastles