DIY Teepee

For Christmas this year, we (and by we I mean by Hubby) made Emery this adorable Teepee. How sweet and talented is my husband? Emery and I are pretty lucky girls!

DIY Teepee Tent

Toddler play rooms

We used this tutorial that I found on Pinterest with a few tweaks. It took about a day to make, was easy and inexpensive. 

Toddler Playrooms

Toddler playrooms

Emery is really starting to get into playing with all of her dolls and stuffed animals. It's so darn cute!

On Emery: KicKee Pants Long Sleeve Diagonal Ruffle Tee and Solid Ruffle Pant in Blush /co

DIY Teepee

As you can see we spray painted the poles gold at the top and at the bottom. You have the option of keeping the edges frayed on the outside or you can have them clean. We opted to have them frayed. We also just braided some twine together to create the rope we need to fasten the poles together. 

Kids playrooms

The perfect spot for reading, and this girl loves to read! Also the perfect and cutest toy bin from Pehr Designs! Their collapsible bins are really so great for throwing all of E's toys in. I just can't decide if this one is going to stay out here or go in the new nursery. 

Felt garland

*Felt Garland c/o Clever + Arrow*

DIY Teepee

A few tips for making this Teepee:

-We went with the brightest drop cloth we could find, originally we found one at Rona but it was too grey. This one we found at Home Depot.

-Check over your drop cloth before cutting to make sure there are no marks or scuffs in important spots. We had to sew the little tab at the top of the opening since there ended up being a scuff there.

-Sew everything really slowly and straight. If you end up sewing the pole holes a little crooked, it is way harder to get the poles in there.

-Try not to spray paint your poles when it's freezing cold out, haha! My hubby spray painted them in the garage but had to bring them in because it was so cold. This meant he had to paint them a few more times since it was snowing and got them wet, haha.

We added a few special touches like fun pillows, lights and the felt garland to make it a little more special. The possibilities of personalizing it are endless! 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY!

<3 Kastles