Pumpkin patch photos

A number of years ago, I really wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch to pick out some pumpkins. I mean obviously all the other bloggers were doing it, so I had to get in on the action (this is me poking fun at myself in case you didn't realize).

Living in Edmonton meant my options were rather limited, ok maybe just the one option really. So Aaron and I drove north of the city to Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm. Shortly after arriving we came to realize that the place was awesome but would make so much more sense to come with kids. Fast forward a few years later and we did just that. Here is little write up about what I thought along with a million photos, so prepare yourself for a little toddler spam. 

Cute babies

We went on a sunday afternoon, which I am going to guess is one of their busier times. There parking lot was full, so they had an overflow lot in a field down the road. Thankfully they have a school bus for shuttling us over to the main section, plus a trailer for the strollers. Let me tell you, riding the school bus might have been Emery's favourite thing. I mean we have only been singing "The Wheels on the Bus" for last year and half, so to ride a real school bus was pretty exciting.

Pumpkin Patch

Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm

When you first enter the main area, they have little stand of fresh produce for sale. Everything looked so delicious and beautiful. When you come in to your left, they have a stand where you can sift for gold. We thought Emery was too young for it, but they did have these fun sand tables with some Bob Cat diggers in them. Emery probably would have played with it all day if we didn't convince her to wander around.

Fresh produce

Fresh produce

Toddler style

Petting zoos and toddlers

Petting Zoo

They have a petting zoo which I actually thought would be E's favourite part, but it wasn't. Haha! She still liked it but was not her favourite. Although she did think it was pretty funny to see the goat up on the roof!

Here is a list of some of the activities we enjoyed that are included in your admission:

-Petting Zoo
-Tractor Train Ride (This was by far Emery's favourite, she kept saying "Choo Choo! Thomas!" every time she saw it
-A raceway with little push cars & tractors
-Bouncy Animals
-Kids Corn Maze (There is a huge Dragon statue inside which Emery was scared of, but older kids would probably be fine)
-Puppet Show
-Roaming the Pumpkin Patch
-Playground & sand toys

They also have a list of all their activities here if you want some more information.

Fall activities for toddlers

If you have babies or toddlers, you have probably seen these little bouncy animals before. They had a ton of them in a little grass field for the kids to play with. Emery loved lining them all up in a row and taking turns riding each one.

Sensory activities for toddlers

They have a playground, along with a ton of barns & animal toys for the kids to play with in the sand. Emery was in heaven. A special note here: I would dress your kid in jeans or darker clothes & definitely boots. They will get dirty, especially now that there is/was snow. I would even bring a back up pair of clothes as well. 

Toddlers and the pumpkin patch

She could not get over the pumpkins. Every chance she got, she was playing with the pumpkins. She kept picking out pumpkins for Aaron and I. It was very sweet.

Fall family photos

This was a little theatre were they have story time, which we sadly missed. Em did love running around in it though.

Grey pumpkins

So many pumpkins, such little time. I ended up picking a grey pumpkin. You can see it over on my Instagram. The pumpkins range in price, from $1 and up. They have a huge selection and variety. It's amazing to see all the different kinds.

Fall family photos

At the overflow parking lot, they have a corn maze as well as a pumpkin patch. So we spent the last part of our day wondering around the Pumpkin Patch. Emery loved running around pretending to eat each pumpkin.

It was a really fun day and we made some fun family memories. The admission is a little on the pricey side for a one time visit. I think in the spring we will look at getting an Annual Pass, as it is almost the same price as two adult admissions plus you can use it from Easter till December. 

A Few Tips:
-It is stroller friendly but we also have BOB stroller which is a little more heavy duty then some ( I wouldn't bring a tiny stroller, as it would probably get stuck in the mud)
-They do have a food concession with Pumpkin Pie & other treats (we brought a picnic, as you might know with a toddler you always need snacks on hand)
-It's probably a bit funner to go here with a toddler as opposed to a baby, we almost went last year but I think she wouldn't have been able to enjoy it very much
-Dress in layers, wear boots or shoes you don't care if they get muddy
-It is north of the city, so it takes about 30-40 mins to get to depending on where you live, so plan nap time & meals accordingly. We thought she might sleep in the car but she didn't so she was a little grumpy at first.

Let me know if you have any questions at all! It might be a cooler now since it snowed, and they might have the pumpkins inside. I would just check their Facebook page or twitter for more up to date info.

<3 Kastles

*FYI- this isn't sponsored at all, I just wanted to share with you all the fun we had!*