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Monday, 13 June 2016

Lise Watier Escale Summer 2016 Collection

Lise Watier Summer Collection

Over the years, I have become a tad boring when it comes to my eye make-up. I tend to stick to a lighter beige eyeshadow as a base, followed with a darker brown in the creases. I wasn't always like this, I swear. I use to love being adventures and playing around with fun colors. So when the new Lise Watier Escale 2016 Summer Collection fell into my lap, I was all game to try out some fun new colors. 

Lise Watier Summer Collection

First things first, the packaging is so pretty! Who wouldn't want to carry these darling little floral compacts around?

The Escale Palette for eyes and cheeks features the softest & prettiest of colors, just perfect for summer! Personally, I love combining the purple shades together along with the pink Ombre Fraiche Liquid eyeshadow for a soft, dewy look.

Lise Watier Summer Collection

Hands down my favourite piece from the collection is the Escale Bronzing powder. It has just the right mixture of pinks & browns for that great summer glow. If I don't have time to do my whole face, I try to at least brush a little of this on. 

Have you tried the new collection? Or what other beauty lines are you loving for summer? 

<3 Kastles 

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