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When I was pregnant with Emery, I had really wanted to get eyelash extensions before she arrived. I knew I wasn't going to have time/energy to want to do my makeup & thought it would be a nice treat. I never ended up getting around to it. 

When Derek & Heather, the owners of Lash Affair Lounge contacted me wanting to work together, needless to say I was pretty pumped. I could finally test out these bad boys and see if all my dreams of saving time & looking good would come true. My sister-in-law has eyelash extensions & she always raves about them, so I couldn't wait to see for myself. 

Before I left the house, I got my Mom to snap some photos of my brows & eyelashes before hand. Lash Affair Lounge not only offers eyelash extensions but they also offer brow couture services. Brace yourself for what you are about to see because it is scary, haha.. I was in clear need of a brow couture service.

Hustling out the door, leaving Emery in the caring hands of my Mom (or Granny Bino) as well call her can sometimes be stressful. E is a Mama's girl and sometimes has separation anxiety, so leaving her is hard. 

When I arrived at Lash Affair Lounge, I instantly felt relaxed. The space is absolutely beautiful and calming. I find a lot of salons/spas are not the classiest looking places, so this place is definitely a diamond in the rough. The ever so sweet Remington was the first to greet me and offered me a tea from their tea bar. Umm hello, a tea bar? Could this place get any better? *Spoiler alert, yes yes it can!*

Lash Affair Lounge is a family owned business, which is something I really adore. Supporting small family businesses is something I try to make an effort to do. The close knit staff at Lash Affair Lounge were super friendly and knowledgable. The manager, Chelsey has been there for a long time and knows her stuff. She not only manages the store but she's also a lash technician. She also made a point to come check in on me several times during my appointment, which I really appreciated.

Chelsea, my lash technician came and got me and brought me into the main part of the Lounge.
See these amazing lounge beds, you actually get to lay down on these while the girls transform your lashes. Chelsea was so sweet, and explained everything that she was doing. Applying the lashes is an amazing & complex treatment. She was telling me about how they get lots of clients who come in and need lash extensions removed. There are a lot of places who claim to know how to do lash extensions but they are not properly trained and can wreck your lashes. It's nice to know your in good hands at Lash Affair, and don't have to worry about that happening. Chelsea told me that lots of clients fall asleep while getting their lashes done. I thought, oh that won't happen to me. Haha, was I ever wrong! 

When Chelsea was done, I couldn't believe how natural and long they looked. They also felt so much lighter then I expected. She also explained to me how to take care of them, so they would stay looking marvellous. They recommend washing them everyday with lash friendly cleanser (which they carry at Lash Affair Lounge, along with lots of other lash friendly goodies) and to brush them out. 

Lash Affair Lounge

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Lash Affair Lash Lounge

After Chelsea was done, I went over to the lash bar to get a brow couture treatment done by Regena. I don't if you have noticed but I usually have bangs covering my eyebrows. My eyebrows have always been out of control and I thought they never had a chance of looking good. I can't believe the magic Regena worked on my eyebrows. The shape she gave my brows is amazing. I never thought my eyebrows could look this good! She showed me how to fill them in, which I'm still working on perfecting the technique myself.

It's been a couple of weeks since I got my eyelash extensions and eyebrows done. It's honestly been so nice! I spend most mornings working out and always feel/look like such a slob after. Not to mention with a toddler running around, I have very limited time to get ready each day. Now that I have these amazing eyelash extensions it looks like I am wearing make up & I feel way more put together, with zero effort. If I want to feel a little extra bit sassy, I throw on some foundation, blush & some lipstick. In these photos below I'm just wearing foundation, blush and lipstick. No eye make up of any sort!

I can't sing enough praises about Lash Affair Lounge! Their amazing staff and service is something you #YEG people need to go check out!

Spring style

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Spring style

*This post was sponsored by Lash Affair Lounge. Thank you so much for supporting brands that support my blog and family.*