When Emery was first born she had a head full of dark hair but it all fell out pretty quickly. She was a little baldy for quite awhile. I never gave much thought to doing her hair or putting bows in it since she was lacking in the hair department. Just recently her hair has starting growing more but it's kinda wild & in an awkward mullet stage.  She also has a large head so lots of stuff is just too small for her. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that bow headbands from Free Babes Handmade are made with soft one size fits all elastic so they actually fit Emery's large head. The elastic is also nude coloured with means the you only really notice the adorable bow & the strap part isn't distracting. Free Babes Handmade uses high quality Liberty of London prints & other cotton fabrics to make the bows which I was also super excited about because you really can't go wrong with Liberty of London fabrics. I can't wait till Emery's hair is a little longer so we can try out these schoolgirl bow clips in her pigtails, ahh so cute! 

Hillary works with lots of other small shops on fun collaborations which I love! I love small businesses supporting each other! I would highly recommend checking out the Free Babes shop for your own little one or for gifts. You won't be disappointed! 

<3 Kastles

*This isn't a sponsored post, I just love Free Babes Handmade this much & supporting small businesses!*

p.s- Keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram for a giveaway with Free Babes!