Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like they are constantly cleaning up toys? Welcome to the chaos that is our living room most days. Little Miss Drag & Drop somehow manages to have all the toys astray within a matter of minutes. When she first began playing more independently I had organized the toys by different kinds into bins. I realize now that this system isn't working. There are toys everywhere, unorganized & the bins have taken over the living room. I am trying to come up with a better storage system for the toys. I have been gathering ideas over on this board on Pinterest.  I want something that is simple, can hold a decent amount of toys, and isn't an eye sore.  These bins are particularly cute, maybe with a lid? I was thinking we could even make a little cushion to put on top so it's multi purpose. What do you use for storing toys? Please share all your secrets with me!

<3 Kastles

p.s- Little Miss Emery is rocking her Aunty's pjs, which are 20 years old <3