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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Baskets



I couldn’t resist creating these three little Easter baskets this year. A basket for your stylish girlfriend, your little lady & the new Mom. Bonus is that these baskets from Target are cute & can be used in your home after Easter has come and gone.
Stylish Girlfriend Basket: 
Shop Tumblr- adorable & quirky tumblr that’s perfect for filling with your favourite iced bevy of choice.
Philosophy pink frosted animal cracker shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath- one of my all time favourite bath products, they always smell amazing & make you feel so fancy.
Joe Fresh pastel jewel bangles- a little sparkle & pastel never hurt anyone!
Lindt Coconut Creme Eggs- umm hello! Chocolate is a must & the coconut is too divine.
Little Lady Basket:
Blabla Kids Unicorn Doll- I love how fun & creative these dolls are, and how awesome is a Unicorn?!
Dance Bunny Dance board book- Board books are always a win in our house, I love how this one has fun little textures for your little one to play with.
Teepeetots and Co Gold moccasins- gold shoes, do I really need to say more? :)
New Mom Basket:
Davids Tea Sweet Slumber Tea Set- There are a few of my favourite teas in here that are suppose to help you relax & sleep better at night. New Mom’s need all the help they can get with sleeping better.
Anthropologie candle- Speaking of relaxing, I think it’s important for new Mom’s to have a little me time. I use to have a nice bath, light a candle & read a book.
Rifle Paper Co. & Paper Crown To Do Notepad:- Mommy brain is a real thing people! If I don’t write it down, I forget! This cute little notepad should help with that.
Lindt Coconut Creme Eggs- Mom’s need chocolate too!
<3 Kastles

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