Pink Blush Waffle Knit Top

Can we all talk about how it feels like it's January 57th right now? Honestly, why does this month just seem to drag on and on? I've been trying to keep myself busy and do things that bring me joy. I want to share what's been helping me cure those winter blues, and this never ending month.

First up is doing nice things for myself. It can be different for everyone but this is how it looks for me:

-Treat yourself to a few special skin care products (Pictured above is Pura Botanicals Ambrosia Beautifying Serum and Lalicious Body Butter from Niche Beauty). Winter in Alberta is long, and I find this month especially hard on the skin. Feeling better on the outside can help a little bit on how you feel on the inside too. Both of these products are amazing for adding some moisture to my skin.

-Find a shirt or clothing item that makes you happy and wear it well. This Pink Blush Pink Faded Waffle Knit Crochet Trim Front Knot Top has been in constant rotation, and I am always so happy to put it on. They have such a great selection tops right now and I noticed they keep getting more and more spring inspired pieces in daily. 

-Find inspiration somewhere else besides your phone. Instagram and Pinterest can start to look all the same after awhile, and there is something satisfying about flipping through a book. I've been trying to read more books in general lately. This Domino one is old but still a goodie, plus it's so pretty on the shelf. 

-Go to bed early! This is so hard for me but I know it's so good for me on so many levels.

Pink Blush Waffle Top

-Get out of the house! It can be so easy to just stay inside but it becomes boring, repetitive and depressing after awhile. The hubby and I snuck away during the day for a date (which hasn't happened in forever). We went to one of my favourite places, Moth Cafe

P.s- Wearing my favourite, feel good top from Pink Blush above.

Moth Cafe Edmonton

Toddler Room Decor

I like to share some of my favourite ways for beating the winter blues with my kids. I think they start to feel it too.

-Bring a little spring inside. Fresh flowers always help brighten my mood and give me a glimpse into the spring to come. These tulips were $4.99 at Save On Foods, which was worth it. Plus they are still going a week later. Emery also felt so special having fresh flowers in her room, and she was so excited to pick out what color she wanted.

-Swap out the kids books. I periodically swap out the books in the kids rooms, and also keep ones for different seasons tucked away till the time comes. I have books for Fall, Christmas, Winter, Valentine's Day, etc. I pulled out the winter ones after Christmas, and the kids were happy to have some fresh books to read. I also love getting seasonal books from our local library. 

Toddler Bed

What are your tips for beating the Winter Time Blues? Share below!

Happy Almost* February! 

<3 Kastles