Justine Ma is a local artist who I have a serious girl crush on. This lady's designs are beautiful, witty & adorable. Pretty much Justine just kills it in all that she does! You may remember this post of little E featuring pretty much the cutest onesie of all time! This new print of Justine's is such a beautiful reminder in this Instagram perfected world that a lot of us bloggers seem to live in. I definitely have a hard time grasping this concept, & spend lots of time obsessing/wishing I was like so so, etc. God created me & loves me just the way am, and I should try and remember that. 

Justine has so graciously offered one of these prints to you lovely readers. To enter (you know the drill, haha!) head over to Instagram for day 8 of 12 Days of Kastles Christmas. Good luck!

<3 Kastles